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August 30, 2019

10 relaxation techniques for more stress-free independent living

We all can take steps to reduce stress in our lives, but doing so takes time and effort. At any age, and no matter how busy our schedule, we can assume some control over our stress levels by learning ways to relax. Doing so in retirement allows us to better enjoy our independent living lifestyle.

Before focusing on specific techniques, try to identify what often triggers your stress. Is it a situation you can control? Or perhaps someone whom you can avoid? Sometimes we can reduce stress by simply withdrawing from settings that trigger it. But when that’s not possible, we can learn how to ease tension and anxiety amid our most stressful moments.

The calming power of relaxation therapy

Health experts at the Mayo Clinic maintain that, by practicing relaxation, we may be able to:

  • Slow heart rate and breathing rate
  • Decrease blood pressure, muscle tension, chronic pain, fatigue, stress, anger and frustration
  • Improve digestion, blood flow, sleep quality, mood and concentration

Relaxation therapy comes in many forms, some done in groups and some while alone. Here are 10 ways to incorporate it into an independent living lifestyle—select the ones you feel would best suit you and your needs:

  1. Engage in deep breathing exercises (learn more)
  2. Get a full-body massage from a licensed massage therapist
  3. Progressively relax each muscle group (learn more)
  4. Learn yoga poses that induce calming
  5. Take instruction in the Chinese practice of tai chi
  6. Listen to soft, soothing music while you rest your body
  7. Meditate or pray in privacy
  8. Close your eyes and visualize a favorite peaceful place
  9. Take a quiet walk or sit in silence, surrounded by nature
  10. Relax in a warm bath

Our independent living residents enjoy both relaxation and activity

Residents of Country Meadows Retirement Communities benefit physically and mentally from relaxation therapy. For example, residents of all our campuses have access to yoga instruction, which fosters reduced tension and contributes to their mental, emotional and physical health. Participation in yoga is open to those of varied mobility levels. Our campuses also offer classes in tai chi, which promotes relaxation through slow total-body movement, and pet therapy, spiritual life activities and aromatherapy to calm the spirit as well.

At Country Meadows Retirement Communities, we recognize that a range of physical activities helps keep seniors healthy and independent. That’s why each of our campuses has a fitness center as well as organized exercise classes.

If you are looking for an independent living retirement community in Pennsylvania or Maryland, or maybe an assisted living/personal care home or a memory support neighborhood, we hope you will visit Country Meadows. On all our campuses, you will find residents engaged with energy and interest in a variety of activities every day. Please contact us for information or schedule a visit to any of our 11 Pennsylvania or Maryland retirement homes to meet our caring staff and learn about our full range of senior living services.

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