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September 5, 2018

What motivates seniors to begin choosing a retirement community?

Personal decisions such as moving to a retirement community depend on many factors, varying from person to person and family to family. Still, we see several common situations that spark such a move. So, what are the main factors that prompt older persons and their families to start choosing a retirement community?

Health changes

A survey of more than 2,000 family members who care for seniors shows that for nearly 60 percent, a medical condition requiring additional care was the tipping point. When several hundred seniors were asked the same question, the results were similar, with the largest number citing a change in their health as the main reason for a move.

We see that here at Country Meadows Retirement Communities. Many seniors who face medical challenges find that life is easier for them at a retirement community, where trained health care staff can assist with their daily needs and is accessible 24 hours if needed. But even seniors in good health often make the move, looking ahead to ensure that future health care and daily living needs will be met with high-quality, professional care.

Caregivers’ needs

Just over 25 percent of the caregivers surveyed said their own needs prompted their loved ones’ move to a retirement community. At some point in caregiving, most family members wonder how much longer they can provide care on their own. Caregiving for a parent or other relative can be physically and emotionally draining, affecting the caregiver’s quality of life as well. In some cases, primary caregivers begin having health problems of their own.

That’s why there are retirement communities with qualified staff to share the care of a loved one, allowing family members to spend fulfilling, less stressful time with the senior they love. (You can order our guide, “Finding Your Way to Caring for a Loved One and You,” or pick it up at any of our retirement communities near you.)

Home maintenance and more

In the survey of seniors, the second largest response group said being freed from home maintenance duties was the main factor in moving to senior living apartments at retirement communities. These seniors like having no responsibility for upkeep, giving them more time to engage in their favorite activities.

Additional factors that might play a part in deciding on a senior move include regular, nutritious meals; convenient transportation and participation in peer-to-peer socialization and social activities at retirement communities.

Is a retirement community the right choice for you? Talk to us at Country Meadows

Have you been considering a move and are searching for an active retirement community? If so, you might be interested in reading our information on what to look for when considering a retirement community.

If you have thought, “I should look into a retirement community near me soon,” we hope you will visit one or more Country Meadows locations. Caring for seniors with understanding and compassion is our honor and privilege, and we hire and train people who embrace that philosophy.

Please contact us for information or to schedule a visit so that we can introduce you to our full range of senior living services at a retirement community in Pennsylvania or our retirement community in Maryland.

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