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memory care support May 25, 2016

Seniors recovering from stroke may need memory care support

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Nearly 800,000 Americans each year suffer a new or recurrent stroke. To observe National Stroke Awareness Month, Country Meadows Retirement Communities has a few important facts about stroke to share with you.

A stroke, caused by a blockage in an artery carrying blood to the brain, generally affects one side of the body, with varied results. The American Stroke Association (ASA) says the most common effects are paralysis on one side, either vision or speech and language problems, either quick or slow behavior and memory loss. About a third of stroke survivors develop memory problems.

As we age, our risk for stroke increases, with most occurring during the senior living years. Nearly three-quarters of all strokes occur in people over age 65.

The National Stroke Association (NSA) lists symptoms of memory loss following stroke as confusion or problems with short-term memory, getting lost in familiar places, difficulty following instructions and trouble with monetary transactions.

Brain retraining techniques can help stroke sufferers better their memory and thinking after a stroke and help them adapt to some memory loss. To stimulate the brain and improve memory, the NSA recommends trying a new hobby or activity and exercising, which enhances mental as well as physical fitness. The NSA also suggests having a permanent place for everything, keeping a set daily routine and writing down important facts and reminders in a notebook.

Country Meadows offers Restorative Care to help seniors set goals to restore their physical abilities and independence. And families who find that their loved one has suffered a stroke and needs memory care support services may wonder what to look for in choosing a program. For residents of Country Meadows Retirement Communities who have had strokes, Connections Memory Support Services offers them physical, emotional and intellectual assistance. Over the past twenty years, Country Meadows has cared for more than 10,000 people with memory loss, focusing on building bonds and caring for the whole person.

Our memory care support services include:
• A personalized support plan to match an individual’s needs and wants
• Addressing common emotional needs, like frustration and anxiety, through Validation
• Fun and intellectual stimulation with brain fitness activities
• A focus on the whole body with customized exercise program
• Building bonds and connections with My Life Story projects

The Country Meadows Connections Program provides the Connections Club for our residents who have experienced mild cognitive loss to alleviate their feelings of frustration and anxiety. A program manager works with each resident to develop a personalized support plan. For seniors with more serious memory loss, we offer the Connections Neighborhood with secure entrances and exits and added assistance with daily personal care needs.

If a friend or family member exhibits symptoms of a stroke, act immediately to get emergency help. The word “FAST” conveys the warning signs of a stroke as well as the necessity of a quick response: F – face drooping; A – arm weakness; S – speech difficulty; T – time to call 911. Other symptoms could be sudden numbness, trouble walking, confusion, trouble seeing and severe headache.

Please contact us to learn more about our Connections memory care program or for information on our senior living communities. You may also schedule a tour so that we can acquaint you with our vast array of services.

If you’re considering an active retirement in a senior independent living community, or are looking for an assisted living or a personal care home, we invite you to visit one or more of our senior living homes, where you will find residents with full lives in a family-oriented, caring environment. Country Meadows has 10 retirement communities in Pennsylvania as well as a Maryland retirement home.

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