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Senior Living Homes July 29, 2022

Who Is Caring for Mom? Staff of Senior Living Homes

By: Country Meadows | Senior Living

There’s no place like home. This popular saying is rooted in the truth that people are most comfortable in the place they call home. Home is where many people raise a family and build memories. However, as we age, home can become a place filled with challenges. When researching senior living homes, websites are filled with information about services provided, available programs and housing accommodations. But what do staff at senior living homes like Country Meadows Retirement Communities do to support residents?

Senior living homes offer various levels of service from Independent Living to Assisted Living and Personal Care to Memory Support Services. It takes a village to provide a satisfying, healthy living environment for seniors in every level of care, and the number of staff members varies by the amount of care required in each level.

As the name implies, Independent Living residents of senior living homes come and go as they please, receiving little to no services, whereas residents living in assisted living will interact with a larger number of co-workers to ensure their needs are met.

Senior living community management

At the top of the management structure is the campus Executive Director. This person oversees all staff members in every level of care and collaborates with the operational team to review residents’ needs and assure the team’s ability to meet those needs. At the best retirement communities, Executive Directors enjoy building relationships with residents as well as their family members to ensure residents are enjoying a high quality of life and address any concerns. This job level requires higher education as well as state licensure and health requirements.

Each level of care is supervised by a manager who reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for overseeing all aspects within that service area. Common titles for this position include Resident Services Director, Personal Care Coordinator and Memory Support Manager. Senior living homes depend on these leaders to keep a pulse on all resident needs as well as supervise, guide and mentor staff.

Care teams at senior living homes

For older adults who need more assistance to navigate the day, senior living homes offer personal care, assisted living, memory support and restorative care service levels. Highly trained co-workers provide direct care for residents.
The Director of Nursing oversees the clinical team and coordinates the clinical care of senior living residents with the goal of providing a safe, homelike environment where residents can achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness and function by regularly monitoring individual health goals.
Senior living homes employ Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) responsible for a range of hands-on services including monitoring vital signs and overall health conditions, providing basic care and assisting with daily activities such as bathing and dressing. LPNs also work as Medication Associates to manage each resident’s prescriptions and administer medications at proper times.

Personal Care Associates (PCA) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) help residents with daily activities to support hygiene, socialization, cognition and physical health. Senior living homes expect these co-workers to practice patience, compassion and empathy in all interactions with residents as well as build positive, fulfilling relationships.

Lifestyle staff

Senior living homes employ several co-workers whose sole mission is to provide opportunities for residents to enjoy a high quality of life.

Commonly known at senior living homes as activities staff, these individuals generate ideas and opportunities for residents to relive favorite experiences, try new things, learn about new topics, share hobbies and provide outings, entertainment and life enjoyment while promoting a positive, enthusiastic environment to motivate resident engagement.

As we age, we need to keep moving to keep moving. Most senior living homes offer fitness staff to lead exercise classes and personal training sessions for residents to maintain or achieve better physical fitness. Fitness staff members typically have a background working in the fitness industry and take classes to stay on top of the latest in senior exercise and nutrition.

Some senior living homes employ on-staff chaplains to provide spiritual life services. In addition to arranging and leading interfaith religious services, chaplains serve in a support role for residents and families.

Culinary services

Providing delicious, nutritious meals is an important job at the best retirement communities. Senior living homes employ Directors of Dining and Executive Chefs to plan and prepare fresh, restaurant-style meals.

Residents gather in elegant dining rooms at senior living homes to enjoy meals as well as conversation. Dining associates serve meals, beverages, salads, desserts and other items.

Housekeeping, maintenance and safety

Senior living homes provide many living accommodations for seniors, and each campus’ housekeeping team is charged with cleaning common areas, resident living spaces and washing laundry. Many residents report that their favorite perk to living at a senior living community is never needing to clean again!

Maintenance staff keep the lights, heat and air conditioning on. Literally. These co-workers maintain systems at senior living homes and manage seasonal maintenance such as snow removal, gutter cleaning and household maintenance.

Country Meadows operates nine senior living communities in Pennsylvania and one campus in Frederick, Maryland. Often referred to as one of the best retirement communities in the area, Country Meadows offers a variety of services from independent to assisted living and personal care, memory support and restorative care. If you would like more information about how we can support you or a loved one, please contact us today. Our co-workers can answer questions, provide information on our services, and help you to schedule a tour.

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