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January 18, 2022

There is a good “Vibe” happening at Country Meadows

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To help residents better understand the full array of social events, fitness opportunities, spiritual enrichment programs, lifelong learning courses and entertainment events scheduled at every campus, Country Meadows is introducing a new catalog to communicate the activities calendar—“Vibe.”

Campus Dynamic Living teams plan programming with residents’ input and interests in mind. They work hard to create a dynamic—a vibe—for residents to enjoy throughout the day and week.

Vibe is created for residents’ whole well-being from physical, cognitive, social, spiritual and intergenerational benefits to purposeful service, educational or art classes and engagement with pets and nature—for all levels of care. To easily find what interests each individual, events are organized within categories and seasonal activities, including overall descriptions of that’s season’s programming. Each campus will provide a week at-a-glance itinerary including times and campus locations of each activity for the quarter.

“Vibe is our way of communicating all of the wonderful programs, activities and daily experiences that we have to offer our residents at Country Meadows,” says Kim Eichinger-executive director of Dynamic Living. “We’re using a common language that will make it easier to identify programs, ultimately providing more variety and choice.”

Eichinger adds, “Vibe allows us make longer-term plans as we are looking at a season at a time and putting together a steady schedule.”

Vibe benefits the planet, too. Rather than use precious natural resources printing multiple pages of information each week, Vibe is a quarterly publication that shares an overview of planned activities across every campus each season. Vibe is available online for family members to access to better plan visits or encourage loved ones to attend certain events. Each campus’ calendar can be found by visiting and navigating to the campus location and select the “Events & Activities” tab.

Vibe is based on these program categories:
        Vitality through Variety: Opportunities for conversation and community and to keep residents’ days and minds busy.
        Inspiration and Information: Expand knowledge, interests and skills through interactive lifelong learning and creative classes.
        Body Benefits: Individual or group wellness programs led by our dedicated fitness and clinical teams to get residents moving, increase energy and help maintain healthy lifestyles.
        Engagement & Entertainment: Filling residents’ social calendars, spirit and sense of purpose with events, entertainment and excursions.

Residents like the new week-at-a-glance itinerary format for the quarter. One Hershey campus resident says, “It’s nice to have the whole week on one sheet of paper so you don’t have to flip through so many pages to find what you want and that it’s organized by category so you can easily find what interests you.”


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