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pet-friendly senior living communities September 25, 2020

The value of pet-friendly independent living communities

As part of Country Meadows’ Home Sweet Home Promise, our residents are encouraged to make their senior living experience as comfortable as possible. This can often mean having items in their new independent living apartment that remind them of home, including family pictures, treasured heirlooms, and even four-legged friends. That’s correct – Country Meadows is thrilled to offer its residents pet-friendly independent living communities. Whether you have a trusty support dog, a cat who likes to soak up the sun while resting in your windows, or a faithful couch companion, pets are considered family here.

Pet-friendly independent living communities benefit seniors physically and emotionally

Although the best independent living communities give seniors more flexibility and peace of mind, a change in living arrangements can bring changes in other areas of life. Some seniors can face new difficulties emotionally, like feelings of loneliness or anxiety. Pets are an excellent way to combat these issues, which is why Country Meadows offers pet-friendly independent living communities. Some pets can be trained as emotional support animals to help seniors who are battling depression and anxiousness. Pets also offer a sense of security, which is something that some seniors feel they lose as they age. But many times, it’s helpful to have a loving creature around to keep you company. Any activity – even just petting a cat or throwing a chew toy to a pup – that supports overall mood and mental health for seniors will add to quality of life.

How our pet-friendly independent living communities help keep seniors active

A common misconception is that active senior living communities only offer their residents recreational activities through a gym or a rehabilitation center. But Country Meadows understands that pets can also be a way that seniors can remain active. Our pet-friendly independent living communities feature walking trails and many green areas to encourage an active life for our seniors. These provide an opportunity to take long walks with pets if residents are able to. A simple walk with a pet can give seniors the push they need to get outside and exercise. 

While pets keep seniors physically active, they can also keep seniors mentally active. Having the task of taking care of an animal keeps the mind sharp and attentive. Between coordinating walks, bathroom breaks, feeding schedules, and routine check-ups, seniors can receive a mental reward from caring for another living creature. No longer having to care for children or other family members can be a large adjustment when moving into an independent living community. A pet will help to fill this void, providing both a mental and physical boost. 

Community pets at Country Meadows

If you’re a senior who has always loved the companionship that a pet brings but is unsure that you can care for one of your own, Country Meadows offers a solution through our Pet Care Program and our community pets. The Pet Care Program has a designated team of Pet Care Coordinators that will assist in litter changes, grooming appointments, and veterinary care visits. And if you just want to enjoy the company of a furry friend for a short period of time, there are community pets and therapy animals throughout Country Meadows that are cared for by the pet care team. These pets can come for a visit to lift your spirits or to aid in therapy. This is just one of the ways that our pet-friendly independent living communities aim to provide an all-inclusive senior living experience. 

Country Meadows is considered one of the best retirement communities in Pennsylvania. Our pet-friendly independent living communities are just one of the reasons residents call our retirement community home. To learn about our pet policies, or to learn about our independent living options, please contact us for more information. Our staff welcomes your questions and looks forward to helping you as you choose your senior living arrangements.

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  1. Janice Magnusson says:

    Are any of your independent living residences also affordable housing eligible?

    1. Country Meadows says:

      They are not, sorry. We would suggest you look at our not-for-profit sister company at . Best of luck!

  2. torrent says:

    This is one awesome blog article. Really looking forward to reading more. Much obliged, Doretta Ungley

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