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February 3, 2023

Senior Citizen Living Space: A Home Edit

By: Country Meadows | Senior Living

Moving to a senior citizen living space can mean a huge lifestyle change, but you can make it a positive change by thinking of it as a home edit rather than a downsize. This is the perfect time to reimagine your life in a new, smaller home.

There is something cathartic about decluttering our homes, especially when moving to a new space. Looking at all your stuff can be overwhelming, and you don’t know where to start. It is important to downsize the clutter, but you can keep the memories.

There are many resources out there providing advice on how to do a home edit. Here are just a few things to keep in mind:

Start Simple

Too many items can make a small space look crowded, so it is important to choose wisely which items should accompany you to your new senior citizen living space. When selecting which items will move with you, it’s important to sort through each item to make sure it should have a place in your home. Otherwise, an item you don’t even care about can take up precious square footage that could otherwise open up room for more important objects.

Keep the memories

Don’t underestimate the value of sentimentality when sifting through items when deciding what to move with you to your new senior citizen living space. Photo albums, pieces that bring fond memories and collections hold great importance and will continue to enrich your life for years to come. Do you like to read? Bring your book collection with you. Is flying your favorite hobby? Bring your model airplanes and other items that bring you joy when looking at them. In addition to making you happy and reliving fond memories, these items may spark conversations with new neighbors at your senior citizen living space and help you to make new friends.

Picture your relationships

Decorate your living area with photos of family members and dear friends to keep them close to you. If you have other collections taking up wall space, perhaps consider a digital photo frame which cycles through a montage of your favorite photos and memories. A staff member at your new senior citizen living space can help you get the digital frame set up.

Design for functionality and mobility

As you set up your new senior citizen living space, it is important to think about how you will move around and interact in your apartment. If you have oversized furniture that will block walkways, you may want to consider moving to smaller pieces to save space. Reconsider using throw rugs and placing loose items on the floor as they can be tripping hazards.

When organizing, make sure the things you use regularly are within reach and easy to access. Your new home should be thoughtfully laid out to ease stress and keep life comfortable and convenient.

Bring your best friend

Many senior living communities such as Country Meadows Retirement Communities welcome pets who can safely live with you in your senior citizen living space. There are numerous studies that share pet ownership in our older years is very rewarding as they provide us with unconditional love, a reason to exercise and a sense of purpose. Plus, they are great at helping us to make new friends!

Leave space for new memories in your senior citizen living space

The best way to make your new living space feel like home is to fill it with family members and friends, old and new. Studies show there are numerous benefits to maintaining relationships as we age to prevent loneliness and social isolation. Your new home most likely will offer many social opportunities for fun and friendship.

Enjoy your new home

Using some of these tips will help your new senior citizen living space become a home, your haven. Then you can relax and take in your new surroundings and neighbors. Be sure to join them for happy hours, activities, entertainment and outings.

Country Meadows offers a variety of apartment styles at our nine campuses in Pennsylvania and one in Frederick, Maryland. Services offered include independent living, personal care, assisted living, restorative care and memory support. Please contact our team for more information about how we can support you or a loved one. Our co-workers are always available to help!

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