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July 10, 2018

Not into crafting or playing games? Try shopping, outings and happy hour, oh my!

There’s always something to do for everyone at Country Meadows.

In a previous post I told you about the many activities at Country Meadows that residents can participate in. Now I want to take this one step further to make you aware of other types of “fun” things.

Let’s face it —not everyone likes games, or making things in a craft class, but who doesn’t like socials where you get yummy snacks? We’ve had Popcorn socials, Ice cream socials, root beer float socials and good old fashioned Happy Hour, where you can order a cocktail, wine, beer, soda or lemonade. The idea is to meet other residents, strike up conversations while enjoying delicious food and drinks. And those are just a few examples—my memory doesn’t allow me to go back too far!

Residents enjoy a glass of wine on board a classic train.

Speaking of drinks I mustn’t overlook our wine before or with dinner times. Our residents do like their wine! We even had a local wine manufacturer come to let us sample various wines they make and sell. We had a good turnout for that.

Our gift shop is small, but filled with great buys ranging from greeting cards (only $1.00 each), jewelry, miscellaneous items like toothpaste, soap, laundry detergent and many other things we need but can’t get out to buy. Gift shop prices are very reasonable and affordable. They also have stamps, thus eliminating the need to go to the post office, and a bank—convenient for cashing checks! It’s like a one-stop store!

Country Meadows has three good-sized vans in which our residents are taken. Sometimes it’s just a country ride—a chance to leave the building and see the beautiful countryside. Other times it serves a definite purpose —go to Walmart®, the grocery store, the local orchard, department stores, local drug stores, movie theatres and so much more. For those residents who don’t have a car here, the van really serves a great purpose. Of course we must sign up if we’re taking advantage of their service, and we’re constantly reminded to secure our seat belts.

Country Meadows residents clown around during a visit to the National Museum of Industrial History.


Some of our residents enjoy going out for lunch or dinner instead of always eating on campus. There’s a men’s group and a ladies group, and the choices of restaurants are found in various locations. Again, the van is available to take them and bring them back!

We have many community-minded residents who enjoy reaching out to other people and organizations, and working on various projects. It could be toiletries for the Salvation Army, food for the hungry, making peanut butter sandwiches for kids, back packs for schools and anything else that would fill a need.

We have our own in-house committees that meet at least once a month to plan events/activities for the residents. Our monthly Fireside Chats are an opportunity to share ideas or input with the campus Executive Director. Other committees are the Education Committee, who plan programs, day trips and speakers; the Dining Committee, who make food suggestions—good and bad; and other committees that crop up to serve a purpose.

Residents run the bases at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia–home to the Phillies baseball team.

In an effort to give you an overview of what Country Meadows is I’m afraid I’ve rambled too much. You can see how impressed I am with everything.

Lately with all of the shootings, fires, hurricanes and tornadoes in the news, it’s easy to get depressed, and pull into yourself. May I be serious for a moment? I ask myself, do I want to experience peace of mind today, or do I want to experience conflict? Offering love is the only way I can accept love for myself. Today I will give to others only the gifts I want to accept myself. I am never upset for the reason I think. We presume that the outside world is the cause of depression, anxiety, etc. when in reality, our thoughts are the cause and what we see is the effect. When our mind is filled with upsetting thoughts, we see the world and those in it as upsetting to us. Throughout the day, whenever you are tempted to be fearful.

Experience love and life instead.

Have a nice day – today and all days!

Judy Wolfman / Resident Author

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