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Pennsylvania retirement home June 21, 2017

Healthy seniors can enjoy traveling if they follow safety guidelines

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Seniors are among the fastest-growing segments of the tourism industry, according to Hotel & Restaurant Insider, due to more and more retirees each year and their overall better health.

Travel can benefit seniors socially, physically and intellectually, so those in good health should continue to visit favorite sites or pursue new experiences. While doing so, however, they would be wise to observe several precautions to ensure a safe and happy vacation.

  • Reserve special services – If traveling by air, arrange in advance with the airline for special services, such as wheelchairs, staff assistance and specific seating.
  • Carry money and ID safely – Store cash and credit cards under clothes, either in a belt next to the skin or in a flat wallet attached with a neck cord. Always carry a copy of your passport with you when out of the country and a copy of your driver’s license when in the U.S. Keep these copies separate from the originals in case of loss or theft.
  • Plan for security checkpoints – If you fly and have a surgical implant that can set off alarms, get a physician’s statement to give to a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) officer. Wear shoes that are easy to remove and put on. Wear pants that will stay up without a belt.
  • Carry medical needs – Get copies of prescriptions from physicians (for replacement, if needed). Keep medications, vaccination proofs and insurance cards close at hand. If flying, store medications in a one-quart, zip-lock bag. Have a plan for how to handle medical emergencies, should they occur.
  • Stay secure in your room – Don’t announce you’re not in your hotel room with a “clean my room” door sign. That tells thieves you’re gone. Instead, alert the front desk that you are leaving and your room can be cleaned. Avoid staying in ground-floor rooms and ones far from the elevator, which make break-ins easier.
  • Plan for dietary needs – Make sure appropriate food will be available on your trip, and carry snacks and nutritional supplements if needed.
  • Know your limitations – Don’t pack more into one day than your physical comfort allows. And wear comfortable shoes!

Writing for seniors on his website, travel authority Rick Steves said, “Travel is a fountain of youth.” We would agree. Travel has a renewing effect on body, mind and spirit. Just be sure to be smart, safe and cautious so you can enjoy your vacation memories when you return home. 

Our commitment to caring for seniors

The caregivers at Country Meadows Retirement Communities have been advising seniors and families and meeting their needs for 55 years. Our mission is to help seniors lead full, meaningful lives and enjoy independence and friendship. We achieve that with a dedicated staff that provides respectful, personalized care according to our residents’ needs.

If you’re interested in choosing a retirement community and are considering a Pennsylvania retirement home or Maryland retirement home, we hope you will accept our invitation to learn more about Country Meadows. We offer independent living communities and personal care and assisted living homes, as well as memory support and restorative services.

We would be glad to schedule a tour for you of our independent living apartments or other homes for seniors. At Country Meadows, you will find energetic residents engaged with caring staff in all kinds of activities every day. Please contact us for information about any of our 11 senior communities so that you can become familiar with our full range of senior living services.

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