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February 25, 2019

Focusing on sense of sight opened my eyes to my campus…places and people

I don’t recall exactly when I learned about the five senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch, but I often refer to them as I go through the day. Recently I became aware of the many beautiful sights connected to Country Meadows.

Country Meadows of South York (Leader Heights)

As I approached the main building at the York South campus, I realized that the architecture is exquisite—it reminds me of royalty. The long white building is in three parts that are all joined together, each with its own unique entrance. Surrounded by flowers and ground cover, green bushes and tall trees, the landscaping for the entire campus is awesome.

I walked between two sets of doors that opened in response to my body, and was inside the main building. It looks like an elegant hotel lobby—carpeted on both sides of the main hallway. Elegant, comfortable chairs and sofas are arranged in the areas where residents can sit to visit or rest. Several tables with chairs where residents can read, write, play games or talk are arranged on one side of the entrance hall.

In one corner of this atrium there is a Baby Grand piano, which is used often for programs. I see one resident sitting on the piano bench, gingerly fingering a piece she may have played several years ago.

I walk to the Governor’s Lounge with many tables and chairs where residents sit and enjoy Happy Hour with their favorite drink and snack. This comfortable room has its own bar and glasses, all set for good conversation. I see broad smiles on many faces as they raise their glasses and make a toast. And I notice a large TV screen where residents are able to view TV or a movie.

Beyond the Governor’s Lounge is the fitness center with its many machines, and various workout equipment pieces. Everything one needs to exercise and stay fit.

As I walk on the carpeted hall I notice that the colors (muted greens and reds) remain the same, but the designs in each hallway differ. I notice, too, the beautiful pictures along the walls – some are paintings and others are photographs – but all lovely.

I pass two dining rooms filled with residents eating at round tables covered with table cloths that blend in with the color theme of the rugs. The tables are set with glasses of water and silverware, and the residents wait for their meal to be served. The dining rooms remind me of several that I’ve visited in finer hotels or restaurants.

Across from one of the dining rooms is the Bistro where anyone can grab a snack, lunch or beverage. The tables are set for four, and are usually filled with people chatting. It’s a warm happy room for residents and visitors.

Residents battle during an indoor snowball fight!

As I continue to wander I see residents in various areas busy with one of the many activities or games. The area is filled with players, stern looks of concentration as they hope to be a winner.

Eventually I take the elevator and ride to the second floor, and the first thing I see is the library, also called the media room. The shelves are filled with books for the residents to borrow and read. The big screen in the media room is used to see movies, while residents sit in comfortable chairs in the room. And I see residents standing in front of the elevator, exchanging hugs and greetings.

I get back on the elevator and go to the third floor, where I enter the lobby area of the chapel. I see residents busy packing baskets and boxes for a community charity. I enter the chapel, used for many programs, making it necessary to have many chairs. I see long tables set together in preparation of the Bible study group. The expected religious symbols are here giving this space the reverently it deserves.

Taking my own tour of Country Meadows was a real eye opener! I noticed things I hadn’t noticed before and was delighted to see all of the beautiful aspects of the place I now call home. If you haven’t done this, may I suggest taking some time out of your day and explore a Country Meadows campus and all it has to offer. If one day is too much, spread it out over several days. Using your eyes you will see a new place!

Judy Wolfman / Resident Author

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