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Patience and perseverance prevail, especially at a company like Country Meadows

By: Country Meadows |

In 2011, Angela (Angi) Miller was working at a local Country Club in York, PA. Looking for another job to supplement her income, her best friend Lauren referred her to Country Meadows. Not knowing if she’d like working with the elderly, or if she was qualified, she applied. “I am someone who very much likes to stay in their comfort zone,” Miller said. “I applied anyways, and I got the job. It took me about six months to truly adjust to the new environment, but ultimately I really began to enjoy what I did.”

Miller has held four different positions within the York-West campus. Starting as a Personal Care Associate (PCA), Miller received all the required classroom, online and on-the-floor training required to be successful in her new role. After a year-and-a-half, Miller was ready to do more.

“At the time, there was a Dining Room Coordinator position available, and I thought with my food service background this might be a good stepping stone,” she said. “But when I went to talk to the Employment Specialist at the time, she instantly recommended I apply for her position because she thought I’d be a great fit,” Miller said. She applied and became the new
Employment Specialist for that campus.

During her four years as the Employment Specialist, Miller earned even more success. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice while still working full-time at Country Meadows. “One of the most memorable and heartfelt memories I have is when the campus threw me a graduation ceremony,” Miller said. “When I graduated college, it was all a blur. I did not walk with my graduating class, and a week later I settled in my new house. Something that should have been a celebratory moment in my life was more so looked over,” she said. “It was Practice Random Acts of Kindness month at Country Meadows, and the York campus had put together a surprise graduation for me. They invited residents, my family and friends… when I realized what was going on, I cried,” she said. “It was one of the most memorable days of my life.”

After being an Employment Specialist, Miller then moved on to become the Personal Care Manager/Director of Resident Services at the York-West campus for two years. Now, with all of her previous experience, she is the Associate Executive Director.

“Each position opened up another door for me,” Miller said. “In my current position, I get to use my skills and apply my knowledge and experience I have gained from each previous experience,” she said. “I love my position because I love the fulfillment I get out of making my residents happy and getting to support my co-workers in all aspects.”

Even though Miller thought she would never get to this point, she is glad that she kept her perseverance throughout it all. “I want people to know that anyone can do it. I came to Country Meadows with no intentions of staying long-term,” Miller said. “I didn’t know anyone and I had no advantage, just a high school diploma. I got here by working hard and being with a company that acknowledges that and has supported me along the way,” she said. “I want my story to motivate people to work hard and to pursue their dreams with a company like Country Meadows that truly cares about their employees.”

Miller says the key to success is being patient. “It takes time. Some people get discouraged if they are not where they see themselves in a short amount of time, but if you work hard, keep a positive attitude and lead by example, your dreams will come true,” she said.

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