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The resources below are organized by the most recent first. We hope these resources are helpful for all seniors and their loved ones who provide caregiving support.

Family & Caregivers

Talking About Touchy Topics With Your Aging Parents

From childhood into early adulthood, our parents were tasked with caring for our physical, emotional, and financial needs. As we matured and grew self-reliant, our parents began to relax their hold on us. We built careers, families, and lives of our own. Now, as adult children, we find ourselves assuming a measure of responsibility for …

Memory Care

Understanding Dementia’s Effects on Your Loved One and Family

The feelings that older adult experiences at the onset of dementia and memory loss—namely frustration, anxiety, and fear—are also felt by family members. And just as the person with dementia depends on sources of comfort, security, and consolation, that individual’s family often requires support, as well. Families need to understand what their loved ones are …


Navigating The Maze

Choosing a retirement community lifestyle is an easy decision for many retirees and their family members. They like the idea of having no responsibility for home maintenance and feel a retirement community will give them more independence to engage in their favorite activities. They also look forward to forming friendships with other seniors who share …

Family & Caregivers

Finding Your Way to Caring for a Loved One and You

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge and recognize all you do to care for someone else on top of your other priorities. It’s an undertaking not everyone can do. We know the job of caring for a family member or friend is demanding, perhaps overwhelming. So, while we don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution for you, …

Family & Caregivers

Children’s Activity Book: Understanding the Forgetting Disease: Dementia

Country Meadows Retirement Communities and our non-profit sister community, Ecumenical Retirement Community, have cared for many older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and helped their families re-connect with them to enjoy many more years of fulfilling relationships, even with the changes the illness brings. Children, in particular, can be affected by these changes in their grandparents. …


Online and social media tips for seniors

Older generations can benefit greatly from being online and utilizing social media platforms. But because of its fast nature – between how quickly it keeps evolving and how savvy one needs to be to keep up with those changes – technology can seem incredibly overwhelming. Oftentimes, it can leave new users frustrated or feeling indifferent …

Health & Wellness

Improve your mind, attitude, energy levels and more through a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is so vital that the average healthy person will spend nearly one-third of their lives sleeping. As we age, it’s common that sleep patterns will change – although for some seniors, unfortunately, these sleep changes can prove to be harmful. Staying educated on the importance of sleep and healthy sleep patterns can …


Financial recordkeeping done right

Ben Franklin knew a bit about organization and time management—at least, his words suggest as much. He said, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” He also said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” We think both are good advice. Many seniors could benefit from heeding these wise words …

Health & Wellness

The increasing prevalence of adult-onset asthma and the related symptoms

The changing seasons bring bright fall foliage, happy holiday celebrations, and time with loved ones. As the temperatures dip, however, a myriad of health concerns can arise in older adults that must be properly managed even in an active retirement community. One ailment that’s particularly worrisome for older adults is adult-onset asthma. Asthma doesn’t just …


Thinking about the cost of senior living communities

Understandably, many families are concerned about the cost of senior living communities. Some can’t imagine they would be able to afford one. However, they often see the economic picture differently after meeting with a retirement community representative. They may discover the cost of senior living communities would be similar to (or even less than) that …

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