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Get our FREE award-winning children’s activity book, The Unforgettable Adventures of Grandma’s Cape.

The Unforgettable Adventures of Grandma’s Cape

The Unforgettable Adventures of Grandma’s Cape

This book is an educational resource for children and their families to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease and the relationships loved ones can still treasure, despite the disease.

We have cared for many, many older adults with Alzheimer's disease and helped their families re-connect with them to enjoy many, many more years of fulfilling relationships, even with the changes the illness brings. Children in particular can be affected by these changes in their grandparent. We saw a need to help them better understand what's happening and their important role in supporting their loved one. An interactive activity book is a way to relate to children of different ages with different learning styles.

The book is chock full of educational entertainment:

  • A heart-warming story of a grandmother and her grandchild
  • Fun activities
  • Educational "Memory Minute" tips

And we're not the only ones who think this is a unique resource: in May 2017, our children's activity book was awarded Argentum's (the leading national senior living association) prestigious national "Best of the Best Award" for an innovative program. We think that is pretty darn neat.

To receive a free printed copy (while supplies last), just fill in the form below. Or call us any time to discuss memory loss questions or memory support options.

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