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Memory Care

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, it can be overwhelming. These resources can help you gain a better understanding and provide the advice you may need for this new chapter in their life.

What to Look for When Choosing a Memory Support Program

Making this decision for a loved one can seem overwhelming. There are more memory care options today than ever before. To help you choose a quality program your loved one deserves, here are some guidelines and questions to ask:

Preserving Resident Dignity

Personal Care & Hygiene

  • Does the overall appearance of residents look well kept, paying extra attention to those details that matter to you such as shaving, nail care, hair care?
  • Are residents’ clothing properly cared for (free of stains and wrinkles)?

Resident & Staff Interaction

  • How are co-workers addressing residents? Are they using the individual’s preferred name?
  • Are residents given choices in what they wear? When they wake? How they spend their time?


  • Do residents have adequate access to privacy? To the outdoors?
  • Is the decor pleasant and adult-like?
  • Is the setting free of odors?

Quality of Staff

  • What training have co-workers received?
  • How do they deal with challenging resident behaviors or situations?
  • Are co-workers acknowledging and interacting appropriately with residents?
  • Do co-workers have a clean, neat appearance themselves?

Quality of Programs

  • Do residents have access to the same quality of programs as residents who live outside of the secured neighborhood?
  • Are there opportunities for worship? Who leads these sessions?
  • Are there small group as well as large group activities?
  • How often do residents leave the secured neighborhood? The campus?
  • Do residents have a choice in the meals they eat? How is this offered?
  • What opportunities are there for physical activity?

Visit the community as often as you feel it’s necessary. Bring other family members or friends to get their perspective too. And above all, trust your intuition. You should feel comfortable and welcome — just like you would in any good home.

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