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Seniors celebrate fitness, share why exercise is critical to healthy aging

By: Country Meadows |

Jerry Sours, 104, dribbled a ball through an obstacle course to improve agility, eye-hand coordination and depth perception. Strengthening these attributes helps to reduce fall risk.

Every May, Country Meadows Retirement Communities is proud to participate in National Senior Health & Fitness Day. Country Meadows recognizes the critical importance of senior fitness, and employs professional fitness directors to manage fitness centers and offer personal training and group classes.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), exercise and physical activity are some of the best things older adults can do to stay healthy. Without physical activity, older people tend to grow weaker in areas important for staying healthy and independent. National Senior Health & Fitness Day provides an opportunity to spread the word through fun activities which require movement. Senior fitness is a lot more fun than you think!

Here are just a few highlights from around our campuses:

Country Meadows of South Hills (Pittsburgh)
Residents formed teams of two to compete in a balance relay. One resident worked on a cardio machine while his/her teammate completed an obstacle course while holding a narrow cup with a ball on top. Exercises helped strengthen balance, endurance, gait stability and problem-solving.


Country Meadows of Forks in Easton
Residents took a nature walk. Walking on different terrain builds confidence, improves balance and builds cognitive strength through connecting with nature.


Country Meadows of West Shore (Mechanicsburg)
Residents took their celebration on the road to a local park where they participated in several challenges. The “hoop-a-human” relay race used hula hoops for a fun exercise to target balance, gait speed and coordination. Target practice supports stance through weight shifting and arm swing, and the ladder drill targets multi-tasking for brain plasticity and coordination to reduce fall risk.


Country Meadows of York (West)
More than 30 residents gathered to learn about heart rates, participate in group exercise and compete in relay races using a variety of different challenges to strengthen hand-eye coordination. The day ended with yummy fruit smoothies!


Country Meadows of Wyomissing
Residents from all levels of care put on some colorful sweatbands, got outdoors and teamed up with other residents and co-workers for some friendly competition that had every one moving and hollering. In one game, teams passed a weighted ball to focus on strength in the arms and core. The fastest team won. A wheelchair race focused on cardiovascular exercise, endurance and arm strength. In a different game, teams put on oven mitts, pulled a tissue from a box and passed the items. The fastest team won. This game focused on multitasking skills, fine motor skills, core strengthening, reach and stretch.


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