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Is Personal Care or Assisted Living right for me or my loved one?

By: Country Meadows |

If you or someone you love is finding it increasingly difficult to manage daily routines, you are not alone. Many families struggle with the right combination of support and services to help an aging loved one live as independently and safely as possible. Personal Care and Assisted Living services, whether provided at a retirement community or in an individual’s home, can improve an older adult’s physical and emotional well-being as well as his or her outlook on life.

If you’re concerned you can no longer care for yourself or your loved one with confidence, this questionnaire will guide you in deciding if Personal Care or Assisted Living care is right for you and your family.

Are/do you or your loved one:

Medical Visits

  • Visit the doctor(s) more frequently?
  • Rely on others for transportation to doctors’ appointments?
  • Have experienced a fall or injury recently?
  • Been admitted to a hospital or visited an emergency room lately?

Medication Management

  • Find it burdensome to fill prescriptions?
  • Have a hard time interpreting the pharmacist’s instructions?
  • Miss doses or have trouble remembering if pills have been taken?

Meal Preparation

  • Find it difficult to plan a meal or cook?
  • Eat less or skip meals altogether?
  • Have challenges grocery shopping?

Driving Abilities

  • Seem less confident due to issues with hearing, vision or walking?
  • Stopped driving or been involved in an auto accident?

Home Responsibilities

  • Find paying bills and other banking responsibilities overwhelming?
  • Have difficulty physically managing household chores?
  • Living alone makes you or your loved one feel fearful, worried or anxious?

Personal Connections

  • Have given up hobbies or other favorite activities?
  • Rely more heavily on family and friends for help?

Personal Care and Assisted Living care services typically are recommended when an older adult requires occasional or on-going support with daily activities or routines. A supportive living environment with access to qualified caregivers can make a world of difference to individuals with a goal to retain as much of their independence as possible.

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