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Country Meadows Retirement Community for senior living Wyomissing

After You Say "Yes"

Here in Berks County, we know there are many choices from independent living communities to skilled nursing facilities. We are most grateful to our residents for choosing to make our community their home. It is our privilege to serve and care for each of them.

During the decision-making phase, we help families navigate the available options, answering any questions they may have. Then once a resident and family determine we are the right fit, we aim to be just as helpful in the move-in transition.

You can expect changes whether preparing for a nursing home short-term stay or moving into a retirement community. Whether the resident requires much assistance, the family lives out of town or there's still a high level of anxiety, we are experienced in just about every scenario and are prepared to help make you or your loved one feel at home as soon as possible.

Our Welcome Home Preparation

Unlike preparing for a nursing home ("skilled nursing facility"), Country Meadows of Wyomissing offers a spectrum of care services  and amenities. With this, we have multiple teams and resources to accommodate residents. You can expect the following upon choosing us:

Before moving in
The family and resident (if able) will

  • Review and sign a resident agreement
  • Determine a move-in date
    (if needed, we can assist in finding moving professionals)
  • Supply detailed information about the resident's needs, preferences and goals to acquaint and help our staff support the resident to be as active and independent as he or she chooses. This information then is added to the overall care plan for us to monitor and be aware of any family concerns.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to set a physician's visit within the required time and obtain the necessary paperwork
  • (In person or via phone if the family is not local)  Conduct a pre-move-in meeting with our team to review transition details including daily routines, care and medication(s). This gives the family a chance to know the team who will be supporting their loved one and share any requests or concerns prior to moving in.

Upon moving in
The resident is

  • Welcomed by an appointed Ambassador to answer any questions, introduce him or her to new neighbors, choose preferred activities, show the resident around, provide any one-on-one support that day and proudly be that "first friend" the resident surely will be glad to see thereafter
  • Introduced to his or her dining companions by the management team
  • Visited by our Wyomissing department directors in dining, community life, fitness and chaplaincy
  • Invited by dining or community life teams to join resident-led committees

After moving in
The resident

  • Is welcome to invite family and friends as his or her guests to meals, events and activities
  • Is encouraged to participate in one or more programs that support fellow residents or members of our local community
  • Attends monthly fireside chats with our Wyomissing management team to learn of community updates and news, ask any questions or voice concerns

While these are scheduled monthly forums, residents are welcome and invited to approach and talk to our staff, including management, at any time

Shortly after the last personal item is unpacked and change of address cards mailed, we hope new residents feel at home. Because after all, it is their home.

Our residents are proud of their home and would enjoy showing it to you. At your convenience, schedule a personalized visit for any day of the week. We look forward to welcoming you.

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Our dining team prepares a variety of healthy, freshly made meals daily. Here’s a sample of a weekly menu.

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