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Pandemic Alert Updated FAQs-March 13, 2020

By: Country Meadows |

Many of our family members have raised some questions and you may be wondering the same thing. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received. To read more about our previously shared precaution and protocol information, please click here.

How long will the visitation restrictions be in place?

We understand how disappointing this is, but we hope you can appreciate our reasoning for the welfare of your loved one. Given the uncertainty of this pandemic, we cannot estimate when we’ll resume normal visitation. We do value family time and can offer some alternatives like helping set up a video chat using a tablet or smartphone as well as regular phone calls.

Is there any way I can visit with my loved one for non-medical needs?

While we know how valuable family time is, we still strongly discourage non-essential visits for your loved one’s safety. We can always help coordinate regular phone calls and/or video chats (e.g., Facetime, Skype). We also can have your loved one ready to meet you in the lobby if you wanted to enjoy quality time in our campus gardens or patios.

Can I take my loved one to scheduled medical appointments?

Medical offices can be hotbeds for the spread of viruses. Therefore, we strongly discourage taking residents to non-essential medical appointments. If the appointment is necessary, please call the campus ahead of time to make arrangements for our team to have your loved one waiting for you to pick him/her up in the lobby.

If your loved one uses an outside primary care physician, we encourage you to consider switching to our in-house Medical Director to better address any medical needs on campus without needing to go to a doctor’s office or hospital and use telemedicine, where available.

I want to pick up my loved one to take him/her to the grocery store, out to dinner or other destinations?

We are restricting non-medically necessary appointments for the health of your loved one. As for shopping trips or social visits, we discourage taking your loved one out to public places, again, for his/her welfare. We can help arrange to have anything delivered to campus like groceries, toiletries, etc. or even arrange to have you drop items off to his/her attention for us to deliver. Please contact the campus directly to coordinate these details, if you prefer.

 I bring personal products, groceries and other supplies to my loved one. How can I get these items to my loved one?

Please drop off all resident items with the receptionist in the building in which your loved one lives. If you plan to drop off items on weekends, evenings or overnight, please call ahead to schedule the drop-off. Another option is to order online and have items delivered. A co-worker will be available to assist residents interested in placing online orders.

Can I still pick up my loved one’s laundry and return it to him/her?

Yes. Please call to make arrangements to have your loved one’s laundry brought to the lobby. Please do the same when you plan to return clean laundry to your loved one. If you need a co-worker to help put away the clean clothes, please let us know when you schedule the drop-off.

Why are you still allowing tours/admissions?

First and foremost, our residents and co-workers safety and health take priority. Always. Our business decisions are guided by protecting and supporting their welfare. However, we are a healthcare organization and part of the continuum of care. And as such, we are socially and morally obligated to care for seniors in need of support when we have the capacity to do so. While these certainly are unprecedented times and extra precautions are being taken, we are still dedicated to offering services contingent upon our evaluations of their health and risk. Each request for admission is on an as-needed basis and scrutinized by clinical standards before meeting with the family and arriving at our campus. Once screened to be on campus, we plan to host a pre-admissions meeting with the family in a private business office and limit extensive time throughout the campus. Since the needs of the older population can’t be put on hold until this world pandemic is resolved, we will continue to assess those cases in which we can assist a senior safely without compromising our current customers’ well-being. We hope you can understand this continued commitment to seniors and their families.

Can I take my loved one home?

While there is no need to bring your loved one home since we can provide access to 24-hour medical assistance if needed and our regular services, you are welcome to do so for a period of time to enjoy some quality time together while we maintain his/her apartment. If you do, we ask you to continue to observe your loved one for any symptoms (shortness of breath, sore throat, fever, cough, etc.) to ensure wellness and safety. If you choose to do so, you can coordinate with the campus.

Are you still allowing group activities on the campuses?

We still are offering a full activity program modified for smaller groups and on-campus activities. Our teams are trying to limit groups to no more than 10 people who are symptom-free and practice social distancing. We are still offering our popular “country rides” and outings to parks and open-air places versus public, crowded venues since residents are riding in and staying on a company vehicle that has been cleaned and sanitized.

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