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Topics about retirement communities … in your words.

Every day, we hear from many people who have similar questions, concerns or comments. We thought it would be helpful for others to see what has already been shared, in their own words. Whether you’re someone looking at your retirement living options, someone looking for a family member or just someone with questions, we want to be the best resource that we can.

Mother is independent but isolated

"My mother lives alone, and I feel she is becoming too isolated from people and activities. She is still driving and is very independent, shopping, etc. I am not sure how to approach this topic with her."

~ A son from the South Hills area near Pittsburgh

Our advice

We know that talking with a loved one about touchy topics can be hard for everyone. So we created our free Touchy Topics guide to help you make the process easier and more comfortable. Download it here.

Wants parents to remain together

"My parents are in need of a change of living from their home. My mother has dementia and is 84, my father is 83 and independent. He is her care taker. I would like to see them in a place where he can be independent while she can have help with personal care."

~ A daughter from Reading, PA

Our advice

It is a common occurrence for couples to have different needs from a retirement community. Here’s a great story about some of our residents who were faced with the same issue.

Dealing with dementia

"My grandmother has dementia and is not able to live on her own. She wanders and gets lost. She now resides with family, but is becoming a burden and needs assistance."

~ A concerned grand-daughter from Mechanicsburg

Our advice

It is understandable and acceptable for families to feel like they cannot care for their loved ones with dementia on their own. That is when they may need guidance in knowing what their options are for outside resources. Download our free guide on Understanding Dementia to learn more.

Caregiver who needs help

"Tried to take care of Mom at home, but cannot be there 24/7."

~ Daughter from Bethlehem, PA

Our advice

You are not alone. More than 40 million Americans are caregivers for family members. Download our free guide, Finding Your Way to Caring for a Loved One and You, to help you figure out the best options for your support situation.

Mother needs greater level of care and socialization

"My mother is 92 and has been living by herself for over four years and was doing pretty well up until about six months ago. We have a woman that comes in for three hours in the morning to help her out, but she seems to be declining mentally and I think she might be better off in a place where someone is around to keep an eye on her and there will be other people around for her to socialize with."

~ Son whose mother lives in Forks Township in Easton, PA

Our advice

Here is one of our blog posts about what to look for when considering retirement living options. Many families have told us this post is a helpful reference for figuring out what they need.

Wants more social interaction

"My father is interested in moving to a place that offers social gatherings and the chance to meet new people. After some searching on your website, it seems like this might be the place for him."

~ A son in Allentown, PA

Our advice

We’re glad you noticed. Socialization is one of the greatest benefits of moving to a retirement community, so we certainly concentrate on creating lots of opportunities for residents to get to know each other better. Here is a helpful list of the social benefits of moving to a retirement community.

Wants to maintain independence

"I’m looking for a residence for my mother. She is very independent and wants to remain that way, but at times she does need assistance. If your facility can provide this, I would like information to help me make a more informed decision on where she should live."

~ A mother and daughter in Lancaster, PA

Our advice

Many people who start the process of looking at senior living options get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. There are a lot of options out there! That’s why we created our free guide called “Navigating the Maze of Senior Living Options.” We hope it helps you, and please know we are here for you in any way that you need.

These are only a sampling of what we discuss with families on a daily basis, but we understand and respect that every situation is different. We’d love the opportunity to review your questions and plans at your earliest convenience , to see how we might be able to help. Request more information or schedule a visit for any day of the week. We look forward to meeting you.

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