Senior Living at Country Meadows Retirement Community
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Senior living at our retirement communities


It is a privilege to care for seniors. We understand and are honored families have entrusted the care of their loved ones to us. We take this responsibility to heart.

We know families just like you seek objective and genuine feedback to guide them in their own searches. As such, we collected comments from our residents and their families and hope they are helpful as you look for the right care for you or your loved one.

Feeling at Home

~ Daughter-in-law of a York-South (Leader Heights) Resident

“When my mother-in-law began to require 24-hour supervision in her home, we visited Country Meadows. She was very unhappy and refused to go. Her ability to care for herself continued to deteriorate, and our concern grew. After an unrelated house fire, we were blessed to have a lovely room open up at Country Meadows. Unwillingly, she moved into her spacious apartment with her own furniture, pictures and favorite possessions. She began therapy which increased her mobility. She made friends and participated in activities which improved her state of mind. She had her hair done weekly which improved her sense of well-being. She went to church every Sunday which gave her peace. The facility itself is lovely, the food is varied, nutritious and delicious. The delectable desserts were her favorite part! Country Meadows is more like cruise ship living than an elder care facility. And, above and beyond this delightful environment, the staff are the kindest, most patient, loving and caring people you could ever hope to meet. In the 18 months she called Country Meadows her home, we never met one staff member who was brusque, rude or dismissive in any way. Each and every one treated ‘Miss Betty’ as if she were family.”

Restoring Family Balance

~ Adult Granddaughter of a Hershey Resident

“My grandmother’s move to an apartment at Country Meadows has been a blessing not only for her, but our entire family. Prior to her move, we all did our best to visit her at her home as often as possible. This meant that one of us was there almost daily, but even that was not enough. Sometimes I felt guilty that my visits weren’t longer or more frequent. But as a mother, wife, granddaughter and employee, there were only so many hours in a week. At times I found it hard to say good-bye and leave her because I knew how lonely she must be living alone after my grandfather died. The evenings were especially difficult. She once told me the silence was deafening. At that moment, I realized that she deserved so much more. My grandfather would have wanted different for her. Even though she clung to the house they shared for so many years, it stopped feeling like a home to her without him there. Not only was I concerned about her quality of life, but I realized the quality of our relationship was suffering too. The little time we did spend together wasn’t especially enjoyable for either one of us. Our time together was taken up with household chores, trips to the doctor, or paying the bills. This wasn’t the way I wanted to spend my time with her. I remember how we used to reminisce, look at family photos, shop. I missed those times. I know she did too.

I am happy to say that Country Meadows has helped restore balance for our family. Now when I visit grandmother, the time spent together is quality time. My focus is on her, where it should be, not on household maintenance and chores. The difference in her attitude and outlook on life surprises us all. And the evenings are no longer a lonely and frightening time for her. Now, the silence is filled by conversation with friends, occasionally music, but most importantly laughter. And it’s her laughter—the best kind!”

Restored Faith in Great Care

~ Daughter-in-law of a Bethlehem Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Resident

“I just want you to know how very pleased our family is with the staff at Country Meadows. We all know my mother-in-law was treated very well and that she was comfortable as she could possibly be. The genuine care shown to her has truly restored a lot of my personal faith in people in this profession. I cannot say enough how grateful I am with your staff’s candor. They acted at the right time (every time) in telling us where my mother-in-law was in the process. Please relay my gratitude to the staff—they are really much more than staff.”

Feeling Like Family

~ Daughter of a Mechanicsburg Resident

“My career encompassed more than 40 years in hospitality, and I was amazed at the ability of the staff to call us by name so quickly. Everyone showed heartfelt concern and respect for my mother. Above and beyond. It truly became home for our family.”

Renewed Life

~ Daughter of a Frederick Resident

“Most places have waiting lists than can run up to three or more years, but luckily I was able to find Dad a studio at Country Meadows that opened up to a living room complete with a couch, club chairs and an armoire with a TV. Dad could share this space with three other people, or he could close the door to his bedroom for complete privacy … the rent includes all utilities, three meals a day, housekeeping and a round-the-clock medical staff to administer all medication as well as help with showering—something my Dad had not done in three days.

When I looked into my father’s eyes and explained how his life was about to change forever, I saw fear and confusion: this from a man I have always respected and at times even feared. Yet when we visited this idyllic development on the outskirts of town, with a backdrop of mountains and fields dotted with grazing cows, and were warmly welcomed by an onslaught of staff and residents, I knew we were doing the right thing. There was life and energy here.

Now it was time for me to go home … but when I called Dad the next day his voice was stronger than I had heard it in years. He told me he already made friends with a woman named Louise and was sitting with her in the dining room. He also informed me that he could see a personal trainer for free twice a week. So perhaps when I call Dad to wish him Happy Birthday this year, he will be too busy to talk.”

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Feeling Valued

~ Son of a Hershey Resident

“He knew he was loved and that meant the world to him … and me.”

Reclaiming Your Social Life

~ Daughter of a South Hills Resident

“My mother loved each and every one of her caregivers. Country Meadows gave her back her social life that she would not have had. If it wasn’t for Country Meadows, I don’t think she would have been in our lives for as long as we were blessed to have her.”

Continuing Independence

~ A Hershey Resident

“For those of us who are Country Meadows residents, we are so fortunate to be recipients of the opportunities for continuing independence to the limits of our capacities.”

It’s Like Being on Vacation

~ An Allentown Resident

“Living at Country Meadows is like going on a vacation. There are many activity choices, practically no responsibilities, and we feel as far from the unpleasantries from the outside world—nothing will be the same as ‘home,’ but it isn’t either when we go away on an extended vacation.”

Peace of Mind for Your Family

~ A Mechanicsburg Resident

“My husband and I are very content living at Country Meadows. The administrative staff has employed very courteous and concerning employees who attend to every resident’s need whether large or small. It has given peace of mind to our family that we are being given physical/mental, nutritional, recreational care along with transportation when needed. The closeness enables us to be nearby our family which gives them the opportunity to visit anytime they wish and affords them not to worry about our welfare. We find all residents to be friendly and willing to assist making a new resident feel at home. We are all aging and highly recommend Country Meadows to our friends who are looking for a home away from home.”

New Lease on Life

~ A York-West Resident

“I am a 16-year resident, and I found a complete expression of love from both the residents and staff. The staff works with professional grace and skill. What more do you need for a new lease on life?”

Exciting Days Ahead

~ A Wyomissing Resident

“From the moment one moves into a retirement facility such as Country Meadows, a number of emotions immediately come into play. And how one reacts to the challenges of relocating from the outside, to a completely new life in their new home, will dictate that person’s comfort level for the future.

One will be quick to realize the differences in the attitudes and dispositions of their new friends and neighbors. Some will be happy in their new surroundings; others will be sad leaving the comfort of their home and family … maybe for some even emotional. But all will quickly recognize a new challenge, and how one faces that challenge will determine their own happiness for the future.

Some of your new family will be outwardly friendly … others will be reluctant to join in, whether it be in conversation or activities, and a negative attitude of others could even challenge your own comfort level. Also, the different outlook by some could be the pressure of medical difficulties. But don’t worry.

Here’s what you can do—how you can play a big part in leveling the playing field. The most important thing you can do is always smile. It can be contagious. Be happy: it’s comforting and reassuring to all those around you. Engage a newcomer in conversation, learn their names, show that person you care about them, and their well-being. Be helpful in showing them around, and introduce them to all the available activities indoors, as well as scheduled bus trips to church, banking, shopping and nearby country rides. Make them really feel at home.

Taking up residence in a retirement home is not an ending. In fact to the contrary, it’s a beginning of all those things you didn’t have time for in the past, and an opportunity to relax. You owe it to yourself. And most important, you can assure your family, your happiness, and your own comfort in knowing that many exciting days lie ahead.”

Peace & Pleasure

~ A Mechanicsburg (West Shore) Resident

Oh Dear! Oh Dear!
Where can I go?
I live alone and am lonely and blue
Just thinking about what I should do.
I asked Dear God to show me the way.
He sent me my daughter who said
“Country Meadows is a wonderful
Comfy and cozy place to stay.”

The truck was packed and we
Were on our way.
When we arrived here,
It was the closing of an awesome day.

The welcome is warm.
Their hearts are gay.
I thank the Dear Lord
In a very special way.

At last! At last!
I found a true treasure.
For here I found
Peace and pleasure.
I love this place more and more.
At Country Meadows
On the West Shore.

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