Assisted Living/Personal Care

In 2011, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania introduced new regulations governing Assisted Living services. For the first time, retirement living providers offering such services will need to license their communities as providing “Assisted Living,” “Personal Care” or both. (I should point out here that these changes do not affect our community in Frederick, Maryland, where we already are licensed to provide Assisted Living.)

These new Assisted Living regulations are intended as a step forward because they offer the option for more skilled nursing services in providing care as people age in place, but without the need to transfer to a higher level of care. This is important since our region has one of the highest populations of people over the age of 65 in the country.

Country Meadows is currently licensed for “Personal Care” and offers the full range of personal care services needed by our residents. While our intentions are eventually to become licensed for Assisted Living, before applying we are waiting for additional guidelines from the state of Pennsylvania that include staffing levels and staff training, accident reporting and resident records. We also are concerned about the increased costs associated with such services as well as the inevitable increase in service charges required to support them.

Currently our residents have many higher level services available, should they need them—physical, occupational and speech therapy, Pathways Restorative Care and Connections Memory Support programs are examples. In addition, Country Meadows is the first Authorized Validation Organization (AVO) in the United States to be able to offer Validation Training to co-workers as a therapy for persons who have Alzheimer’s.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that what you will not see at Country Meadows are reductions in the services we currently provide. We will continue to work with Genesis Rehabilitation Services, hospice and home health providers, and home care agencies such as Country Meadows At Home, to provide the fullest range of services to support our residents. Working together with our program partners, we will strive to provide Country Meadows residents with the best possible level of care and live up to our motto: Life gets better at Country Meadows.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or, better yet, come for a tour and see for yourself whether we live up to our motto!

Michael Leader,
President & CEO